First Couple Weeks On The Appalachian Trail

Last time I wrote a Blah Blah Blog I was in my moms truck on the way to Amicalola Falls to start my journey on the Appalachian Trail. Right now I am 16 days into my trek and I’m in Sylva, NC taking a couple zeros. It’s been an incredible but also difficult journey so far. Truth is that I wouldn’t wont it any other way.

So many amazing people that I have met so far in just 2 weeks that I have been out in the woods. It’s so difficult to remember everyone’s names and Trail names but one things for sure, everyone knows The Champ. Since day 3 I have been known as The Champ because of this old WCW World Heavyweight belt I strap to my pack. I was givin the trail name by a girl named Ali 🤦‍♂️ that now has the trail name Blue Jay from what I’m told. I was also told later on by a guy named Kyle (that’s been hiking with Ali and her boyfriend Ian) that I already had that trail name before I knew it. Haven’t seen them since they left Hiawassee. It’s ok though because there are still over 2,000 miles to cover so I will more than likely run into a few people that has passed me up.

Although I started the same time as others that I camped out with at first, I wouldn’t say that I’m in a Tramily. I don’t even hike with others. People tell where they are going and what the plan is but either I get there or I don’t. I see on social media a lot where people push too hard in the beginning and end up getting set back or even off the trail because of pushing too hard. At first I was a little disappointed because I wasn’t getting the mileage I thought I could do but after some kind words from friends, talking to others and a couple extra zeros, I realized that I need to have more fun and not worry about crushing anything right now. Besides, I made it 109 miles with over 40 pounds in my backpack when it should be in the low 30s and a rigged up buckle for my waist straps on the pack. Not bragging by any means because the pack is in the 30s now and the buckle is fixed.

When I leave Sylva in the next couple days, I will start back where it all began for me at The Winding Stair Gap and I will make my way to the NOC which I have already hiked 2wice. I’m pretty excited to go back to where it all began but I have 3 days to get to the NOC. I know I should take my time and enjoy it but the rain is coming again and I’m coming back to Sylva to stay where I have been the past few days.

Overall everything is going great. Couldn’t ask for a better first couple weeks on the trail. Rain and stormy weather are a part of it but so far I have managed to find myself only in the rain 2wice. But those two times I wasn’t a happy camper. I’m finding out that with a Hammock doesn’t make you safe from the rain unless you are one of the first to get to shelter. And once everything is wet this time of year, you will be miserable as Fuck. This isn’t the place to be miserable.

So far, that’s what I got for now. Nothing to crazy going on just yet. Just a guy that’s already hiked 109.2 miles of the Appalachian Trail and still has over 2,000 miles to go with Georgia behind me and now 13 more states to go.