2 Weeks Away From The Long Hike/The Trail Provides

So 2 weeks from today I should be at Amicalola Falls, Georgia waiting to start the Appalachian Trail the following morning. This goal that I have been preparing and training for in the past 7 months will finally start. Am I nervous? Not really because I have done everything that I can do up until this point but I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few concerns coming into hiking 2,200 miles thru 14 different states. But like I just said, I have done everything I can up to this point so all there is to do now is go on out there and put one foot in front of the other until I get to Maine. Everything else will sort itself out along the way. In these 2 weeks leading up to the big hike, I still have many things to get done and many things on my mind.

The first thing I have going on other than planning is my best friend Jeremy Bass’s bachelor party that is this coming Saturday. March the 9th to be exact. Luckily for me the planning wasn’t as hard as I imagined. The only major thing he wanted us to do is for us groomsmen and a couple others to go to a cigar bar where he can smoke and drink with his boys. With the help of another groomsman, I was able to find just what he wanted with a bar 4 doors down. If only it could of been 3. Whateves. Booked us a cottage for the night and boom! It’s done. After the Cigar and Bar we will figure the rest of the night out as we go.

When I come back I will have only one day left to work then that’s it. I’ll be jobless again. The next day after work I plan to go to the mountains to scoop a fellow hiker up and take him to Atlanta. I met this guy named Eric a month or two ago when I did my 3 item luxury challenge. Since then I have been talking to him and learned a few things. He is a journalist from Luxembourg and an all around nice person. We were talking last night and he mentioned that he was going to need a ride back to Atlanta on the 12th or 13th and I thought to myself that since my last day is on the 11th it would be a good idea to give him a ride. It would be a good chance to get to know the guy. Well after I agreed to give him a ride I learned that he was going to meet a friend and he was going to start the Approach Trail with her then he was going to go back where he left off. I also learned that the same person he is going to meet is another person that I have been talking to the past few months. A wonderful girl with a beautiful spirit from the UK. Her name is Kate but she goes by The Roaming Redhead. It’s so awesome how the Trail provides. They are the two people that I had been talking to the most before we go out on our thru-Hike and now we have a chance to meet up. Of course I’m down to scoop my man Eric up! I’m really looking forward to meeting the two people that I have talked to the most before we really start the greatest journey of our lives.

Once I return home tho, it’s all about finishing up on getting everything ready and spending time with the ones I love the most. Not really going to have time for much else. I do plan on having a going away party but it’s more like an excuse to get everyone together one last time before I go because I’m probably not going to get out much even though I won’t be working. So much to do but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity and to also be able to show you all the many beautiful things that GOD has created.